Maybe the most overlooked item in the equestrian world.

But a clean tackroom is essential for the (expensive) items you need for your horse. We supply a large choice of Growi galvanised saddlelockers.

For the most efficient use of the available space 60x60cm saddlelockers are the best choice. They come in 2 heights : 106cm and 150cm. A small 50cm heigh locker can be put on top of an existing saddlelocker.

For Western-saddles 75x75cm is needed. Of course these larger lockers can also be used for English saddles, just for more comfort. These lockers come in 150cm or 190cm height.

For off-site competition a locker on wheels is the solution. They are available in different models, from a simple 60x60x130cm locker up to a cabinet in which you can store all you need.


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